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Holistic Skin Care

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Kristina Holey holistic skincare

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Kristina Holey at a magical potluck Thanksgiving in a beautiful little medival village in the French countryside through some mutual Californian friends living in Paris (whose blog Trail of Crumbs is amazing, if you are not already familiar with it, check it out here). I then reconnected with Holey again in Paris recently before she headed back to the states. She gave me the most amazing facial treatment I have ever had! Not only did my skin feel good but I felt really good all day.

Kristina Holey is a skincare specialist focusing on the relation between health and beauty in a whole new way. Looking at the two from a scientific and holistic more natural approach, that goes far beyond just putting some products on your face. In addition to being an amazing skincare specialist, she is also a really nice and awesome person who really cares about helping people improve their health and their skin.

She is in New York this summer and in LA this fall contact her to make an appointment.

Read more about her on this article from vogue

<3 Wildflower Valentines <3

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Tigers to Lilies Lili Cuzor
Tigers to Lilies Lili Cuzor

Tigers to Lilies Lili Cuzor

It’s almost Valentine’s day, and this year Tigers to Lilies is preparing something extra special! Wildflower bouquets, valentine postcards, ceramic vases, herbal donuts and a special curated collection of books by Claire from Bookstand! Wish I was celebrating Valentine’s day in LA this year!
If you are in LA and want to give something extra special check out what Lili has in the works at various locations around LA, or stop by En Soie if you’re in Silverlake to meet her in person, you can even order a special bouquet just for you ahead of time and have it delivered.

Tigers to Lilies

I am also so happy to share these beautiful photos of my dear friend Lili (of Tigers to Lilies) who was featured on Refinery 29 as one of the 3 chicest florists in LA.
Portraits of Lili shot by Lani Trock. all other photos by Lili Cuzor.

Also check out Lili’s new tumblr site featuring some of her photography and floral creations combined.


Friday, January 17th, 2014

Evan Marks The Ecology Center TED talks

Evan Marks The Ecology Center TED Talks

Very excited to share this TEDx talk featuring my dear friend, and founder of The Ecology Center, Evan Marks, who is always an inspiring and positive force to be around.

Eco Holiday Shop

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

The Ecology Center online shop Tools for Change General Store

Lots of holiday shopping is happening right now. For a great way to give someone something unique, useful and meaningful check out The Ecology Center’s Tools for Change General store online here. Or visit the center for even more goods! It’s really a magical place full of people doing inspiring great things, plus all the proceeds from your shopping go directly to funding their amazing educational programing. One of my favorite items that I never travel without is this set. They also offer workshops that are another way to give (easily accessible by train from LA), check out the calendar here.

L’Art du Jardin

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

L'Art du Jardin Grand Palais Paris

L'Art du Jardin Grand Palais Paris
L'Art du Jardin Grand Palais Paris

L'Art du Jardin Grand Palais Paris

Last weekend I went to the Grand Palais to check out L’art du Jardin expo after seeing this video on Thierry Boutemy’s tumblr, of his beautiful, small, dark installation. It smelled so beautiful in there! It was more of an expo than exhibition, but still pretty impressive to see the Grand Palais filled with beautiful huge trees and flowers.

Wild Rose Water

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

LOVE this film by Claire!! Here it is for those of us who couldn’t make it to the Bookstand pop-up at The Standard.

Happy Earth Day!

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Earth Day The Ecology Center
Earth Day The Ecology Center

Today is Earth Day, (or maybe yesterday, there seems to be discrepancies with the official date).. Either way I hope everyone is at the very least recycling today, or using a reusable water bottle, (which saves an average of 166 plastic bottles a year!), or buying all natural toxin-free soap, (or more beautiful handmade soap), or checking out books like this one for amazing tips for at home.

There are so many easy things you can do, check out more resources and info here on The Ecology Center’s new site I helped develop. Get familiar with easy ways you can make a difference, not just for the planet but your own health too! Those two things are surprisingly more related than you could imagine : )

Plant Life

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Cheri Messerli Scout Holiday blog

Cheri Messerli Scout Holiday blog California

More photos from California. So many plants, I miss that here in Paris..

Plants: Our Silent Guardians

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Plants are our silent guardians Lili Cuzor The Standard

Claire Cottrell

This Thursday night is the opening for a very exciting exhibition PLANTS: Our Silent Guardians, by Lili Cuzor of Tigers to Lilies in collaboration with Lauren Spencer King of the Sphinx and the Milky Way, and Claire Cottrell of Art Bookstand who will have a pop-up bookstand shop set up, all taking place at the Standard hotel in Hollywood.

The installation and shop will be up from 3/21 – 4/21, go check it out! I know it’s going to be amazing! I so wish I could be there to see it! There are some sneak peeks on Lauren’s blog here and here.

Opening Ceremony this Thursday, March 21st, the Spring Solstice from 7:00pm – 9:00pm Claire will be debuting a film she made and there will be herbal teas, plant installations, artwork and more!

The Supply Change

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

The Supply Change Chrissie Lam Fashion Without Borders

FASHION. ADVENTURE. PHILANTHROPY. Change the industry, change the world.

I’ve been wanting to write about this project for a while, and just found a great explanation of what The Supply Change is all about from Trend Union.

Chrissie and I used to work together at American Eagle on the concept team. She is an inspiring friend and traveler, her positive energy is as infectious as her drive to do good and create change is. I am a huge fan of what she is doing, and I love that she is combining all the things she loves, traveling, fashion, adventure, and change into one. Here’s her story and what her recently launched project to develop change in the fashion industry is all about.

Chrissie Lam, a senior concept designer at US retail brand American Eagle Outfitters for twelve years, always wanted to connect her passion for fashion, adventure and philanthropy.
After taking a sabbatical from her design position to go to Rwanda and explore clothing craftsmanship, Chrissie decided to launch The Supply Change, a network whose purpose is to alleviate extreme poverty by connecting artisans in emerging economies with the global market place.

Chrissie explains: “We are curating experiences and enlisting like-minded design colleagues in order to help them realize the potential of sourcing in developing countries. I believe change comes from within a company, and currently there is a disconnect between people in the design industry and social enterprises/artisan groups abroad. We want to create ambassadors that can influence change within their companies and raise awareness and action through real stories and word-of-mouth experiences.”
The venture, she ads, is not a non-profit, for it is meant to bring resources to those involved.
The Supply Change has partnered with travel agency Extraordinary Journeys to create unique travel programs under the name of Fashion Designers Without Borders. The first program will be held in Kenya on February 16-23, 2013 and will educate and connect participants with artisan social enterprises that work with brands like Edun, Suno, Puma, Max Mara, Whole Foods and others.

For even more info, great photos and articles visit The Supply Change facebook page

An Evening of Plants

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

The Plant Journal Cecile Daladier

I’m very excited that this weekend at 0fr, Cecile Daladier who I’ve posted about before will be selling some plants and pots along her husband Nicolas Soulier, who will be speaking about his powerful book “Reconquering the Streets” and talking about Japanese potted gardens. Plus there will be an exhibition of photos for the launch of new issue of The Plant Journal by Daisuke Hamada. Plus an after party at Candelaria, who has a new site made by David. This is an 0fr event not to be missed!

Info ici:
18h15-19h: discussion autour du livre “Reconquérir les rues” en présence de l’auteur, l’architecte urbaniste Nicolas Soulier, et focus sur les jardins de pots au Japon avec projection des photos de Daisuke Hamada pour The Plant Journal.
21h15: soirée à la Candelaria
Tout le week-end: pop-up store de boutures et jardinières Assaï. Apportez votre pique-nique, terrasse 0fr végétalisée pour l’occasion.

We Love Green Festival

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

We Love Green Festival Paris

We Love Green Festival Paris

This weekend is the We Love Green festival in/just outside of Paris. I am really happy to be participating thanks to Rosemarie whose Ringo Atelier is hosting workshops for kids there this weekend. I’m in good company too, The House that Jack Built, and many more talented friends will be doing workshops as well. Mine will be a Richard Tuttle inspired eco-friendly mobiles free-for-all craft experience. Sign up a little friend of yours here, space is super limited. I’m very excited to see Charlotte Gainsbourg, Beirut and Herman Dune play! Come check it out!

The First 70

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

This is heartbreakingly sad! Growing up my summer vacations were spent camping in California parks, and California needs all the natural greenery it can manage to hold on to. I hope these places don’t get developed with track homes or filled with toxic waste. If anyone wants to take a minute to see what they can do click here or here for some options. If you’re looking for where to go on for a summer vacation any of these places would be cheap and beautiful experiences, and a great way to support them.
More links here:
Cal Parks
A list of the 70 parks they are closing.


Monday, June 4th, 2012

Tsukimo Bazaar

Tsukimo Bazaar

I had the best bread ever while I was in Tokyo at Kosmos Lane (and I live in Paris). Tsukimo Bazaar is run by a really nice Japanese guy (with a very cool hat) who travels around in his cute VW bus, painted with illustrations by Boojil, serving incredible organic bread creations around Tokyo. His bread creations have so many super interesting flavors, check some of them out here. Also check out his site, it has a calendar of where to find him, all in Japanese but there’s always google translate. ; )

Tigers to Lilie’s Wildflowers at Cookbook

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Tigers to Lilies Lili Cuzor Cookbook Echo Park

Starting this Saturday, Lili of Tigers to Lilies will be having a pop-up flower shop every Saturday in April and May at Cookbook in Echo Park. LA you are so lucky!! Lili is a natural floral wizard and is one of my dearest friend’s, go say hi and get yourself some beautiful organic wildflowers! (how rare and amazing is that! beautiful flowers that are grown as locally and naturally as it gets from Silverlake Farms) Here are some photos from her Valentine’s Day sale.