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Black Crane

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Black Crane Momo Suzuki Alexander Yamaguchi

I came across a nice interview with Momo Suzuki of Black Crane on Her Ribbons and Bows. I really love this brand and Momo Suzuki’s style. It’s such a beautiful mix of comfortable pieces that look incredible on. Really wish the black jumpsuit wasn’t sold out. All images via Black Crane and Mohawk General Store, where you can find this beautiful line.

Book Stand

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Art Bookstand Claire Cottrell
Art Bookstand Claire Cottrell

I’m very excited about the launch of Claire Cottrell’s Bookstand! I already ordered some books from her amazing collection. Claire is a multitalented new friend who has the most amazing book collection I was lucky enough to see a sample of her beautiful and thoughtfully curated collection at Lili’s when I was last in LA. Books are curated by categories or themes, anything from the color pink to food, to dreamlands. Check it out here!

The Supply Change

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

The Supply Change Chrissie Lam Fashion Without Borders

FASHION. ADVENTURE. PHILANTHROPY. Change the industry, change the world.

I’ve been wanting to write about this project for a while, and just found a great explanation of what The Supply Change is all about from Trend Union.

Chrissie and I used to work together at American Eagle on the concept team. She is an inspiring friend and traveler, her positive energy is as infectious as her drive to do good and create change is. I am a huge fan of what she is doing, and I love that she is combining all the things she loves, traveling, fashion, adventure, and change into one. Here’s her story and what her recently launched project to develop change in the fashion industry is all about.

Chrissie Lam, a senior concept designer at US retail brand American Eagle Outfitters for twelve years, always wanted to connect her passion for fashion, adventure and philanthropy.
After taking a sabbatical from her design position to go to Rwanda and explore clothing craftsmanship, Chrissie decided to launch The Supply Change, a network whose purpose is to alleviate extreme poverty by connecting artisans in emerging economies with the global market place.

Chrissie explains: “We are curating experiences and enlisting like-minded design colleagues in order to help them realize the potential of sourcing in developing countries. I believe change comes from within a company, and currently there is a disconnect between people in the design industry and social enterprises/artisan groups abroad. We want to create ambassadors that can influence change within their companies and raise awareness and action through real stories and word-of-mouth experiences.”
The venture, she ads, is not a non-profit, for it is meant to bring resources to those involved.
The Supply Change has partnered with travel agency Extraordinary Journeys to create unique travel programs under the name of Fashion Designers Without Borders. The first program will be held in Kenya on February 16-23, 2013 and will educate and connect participants with artisan social enterprises that work with brands like Edun, Suno, Puma, Max Mara, Whole Foods and others.

For even more info, great photos and articles visit The Supply Change facebook page

Daria in Kenya

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

Daria Cass Bird Maiyet Feist film

Such a beautiful video and images by Cass Bird featuring Daria for Maiyet. Not a brand I was familiar with but they got my attention with this. via fgr

CM S/S 2013

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Cheri Messerli Spring/Summer 2013 jewelry collection

A sneak peek at the new CM collection for spring. For wholesale or press inquiries please contact


Monday, October 8th, 2012

Thvm rag
Thvm rag

So excited to find the newest issue of Thvm Rag at the Palais de Tokyo. I absolutely love these amazing photos by Eliot Lee Hazel in this issue. There is also a great feature on my friend Kristin of Colour Plantae. See more of it here.