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Lauren Spencer King Studio Visit

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

artist Lauren Spencer King
artist Lauren Spencer King

I had one of the nicest days visiting the studio of LA artist, and friend, Lauren Spencer King. Her talent is endless and her spirit comes through in her work. I love her sense of color and geometry, as well as her love of crystals. All the beautiful colorful objects around her studio are so inspiring. I can’t wait for her next show!


Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Herb Lester map city guides

The wonderful Rachel over at Herb Lester sent me a few of their city maps. I already own a few I love the one for Amsterdam and Paris, it’s where I discovered the amazing super old paper store in Amsterdam, and how I found the place to buy new blue French worker jackets in Paris.

These handy little guides are so useful, colorful and compact enough to travel with. They have since made two more for Paris, and added many more cities. If you’re heading anywhere soon, these guides have nice unusual tips for exploring new places.

Springtime in Paris

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Linus Ricard Photography

I’ve posted about Linus Ricard’s photography before, here are a few new photos of his that sum up springtime here lately for me.
Still definitely sweater weather here in Paris! Love that purple sweater in the first image! You can feel the chill in the air.

Rosemarie Auberson at 0fr

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Rosemarie Auberson book catalog 0fr

Rosemarie Auberson book catalog 0fr

Rosemarie Auberson book catalog 0fr

Rosemarie Auberson book catalog 0fr

Rosemarie Auberson book catalog 0fr

0fr Paris Rosemarie Auberson show

If you’re in Paris tomorrow night please come to the opening of Rosemarie Auberson’s show at 0fr! She will be showing new work and we will be celebrating the release of her beautiful book published by 0fr, along with the birthday of 0fr co-owner Alex Thumerelle. There will also be a textile installation by me, ceramics by Makoto Orui, and a performance by Marc Desse. The catalog is available at 0fr and there are only 100 copies so get there soon!

**The book is now also available on Rosemarie’s site here!

Fritz Haeg’s Domestic Integrities

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Fritz Haeg

Fritz Haeg is an artist I came across at the LA Art Book Fair this year. He does the most incredible experience installations. I was particularly inspired by his recent Domestic Integrities installation at MOMA where participants could bring in old clothing or textiles and weave them into a giant communal rug.
His installations which seem to often feature some food, and a communal activity are slightly reminiscent of Mark Borthwick performances I’ve seen, in that they both provide an experience, and a particular atmosphere, along with calming nourishment. I love what the premise of the installation is all about:
MoMA Studio: Common Senses is a multisensory environment at the intersection of education, design, and art that aims to foster our evolving relationships with nature, technology, and our everyday surroundings through community interactions and creative play. A series of drop-in activities, workshops, and ongoing projects for audiences of all ages integrates components such as light, nature, food, textiles, games, and technology.
The rug continues to grow and evolve with new experiences as it travels to become part of new installations in places around the globe.
See more on Domestic Integrities here.

Wild Rose Water

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

LOVE this film by Claire!! Here it is for those of us who couldn’t make it to the Bookstand pop-up at The Standard.


Friday, May 3rd, 2013

photographer Seji Kumagai

Picked up this beautiful book, Spring, 2011 while waiting for brunch at Le Bal recently. Incredibly moving photos by photographer Seji Kumagai.