la prochaine matin..

Cheri Messerli David Rager wedding
Cheri Messerli David Rager wedding

Cheri Messerli David Rager wedding

Cheri Messerli David Rager wedding

Cheri Messerli David Rager wedding

the reason for my absence.. it was such a nice night. here’s a sneak peek at some photos from the day after our party, day of photos coming soon. I am so so tired right now, I had to make an unexpected trip to texas this week. uuuugghhh… so far this week no sleep and it’s only Tuesday!

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  1. Rachel Grassi-Montoya Says:

    LOVE! So happy for you two!


  2. Kate Says:

    Oh wow looks enchanting, personal and pretty and like you had a great time! Congratulations.

  3. kirstine Says:

    where in texas?

  4. emma Says:

    This is amazing, so you!
    I love the tablecloth with for the pretty paint stains,
    the old medicine bottles for the flowers and the name stands…
    Well I am almost there.
    My wedding deco was quite the same feel, well more lace orientated but I love when you can see the personality of the couple trough deco to celebrate such a day!
    I can’t wait to see more pictures.

  5. Jenny Says:

    Wait, is this yours? Congratulations!! Looks like it was a fun time, too!

  6. fashionable palette Says:

    the table and and flowers and everything all look so pretty! must have been a fun time 🙂

  7. christie Says:

    this looks absolutely enchanting.

  8. lindsay Says:

    so beautiful and colorful – can’t wait to see pics of the actual event!

  9. Roberta Jane Says:

    I love the table cloth – Did you make it? Might make a really pretty bedding print!

  10. chelsea Says:

    This is INSANELY gorgeous!

  11. Len Says:

    This looks amazing! Looking forward to the rest of the photos.
    And ofcourse congrats!

    Just came across this website and thought you might like it! Love reading your blog and I will be first in line for your necklaces.


  12. robyn Says:

    love these photos

  13. Angie Says:

    These are fantastic. It’s nice to see personal touches like this!

  14. kelly Says:

    Wow! simply stunning. Congratulations Again!

  15. lola is beauty Says:

    the most beautiful morning after… congratulations!

  16. susan Says:

    lovely, lovely!


  17. megan Says:

    oh this is so pretty!! can i ask how you made the table cloth? i absolutely love it

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