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Now that the party is over it’s time to focus on moving to Paris next month and finding a job and apartment there. Any suggestions? tips?
Carine, si vous lisez ceci, je vais être là bientôt! (Carine if you’re reading this I’ll be there soon!)

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  1. Lucie Says:

    it’s the same thing for me, I have the apartement but I have to find a job, perhaps Carine will hear our cry! good luck!

  2. Lauren Pham Says:

    Hi Cheri,

    I love your blog oh so much. I think it is so inspiring and lovely. You’re moving to France?! Talk about a dream come true! I live in Los Angeles and am sorry you’ll be leaving us. But i totally understand. Totally. It’s Paris.

    Bonne Chance!

    Keep Bloggin’

    xo Lauren

  3. juli Says:

    good luck with the move! i’ve been wanting to move out there as well!

  4. meilin Says:

    i lived in paris in 1997, there is a cinema like right by the river, i guess it’s the seine, but the cinema is not really in the centre of paris and opposite there are some cute apartments which overlook the river. The cinema itself is nice with a modern cafe. the area is really peaceful, and people go boating and stuff and spend their weekends there. I’m sure if you ask a local they’ll be able to tell you where it is.

    Good luck with finding a job although I doubt you’ll need it being so talented and all.

  5. Janelle Says:

    You should try house sitting in Paris. 2 people I know do it and they’ve lived here for a while now, fully furnished apartments too. Try craigslist. goodluck

  6. Rachel Grassi-Montoya Says:

    C’est Chouette!

  7. emma Says:

    Well, go first to find a flat near le marais…
    Be calm and super patient with French administration and don’t sad to see that Parisians are sometimes one off a kind but I am sure you will find friends to help!
    See you in London very soon!

  8. [ashley] Says:

    craigslist is a good start. i lived in paris for a year and found my flat and work on there. especially if you do not have a job before moving- craigslist is the way to go as it is quite difficult to sign a lease without a work contract. i think meilin is talking about the canal in the 19th near buttes chaumont. i lived in the 19th and it is super residential and lovely, but has some sketchy spots, so do your research. definitely the 19th and 20th and the whole eastern right bank are fabulous spots to live as they are hip, quieter and a bit cheaper. bonne chance!

  9. Aurélie Says:

    Indeed, Meilin is probably talking about the “MK2 cinéma” along the “quai de Seine” in the 19em arrondissement, near Jaures and Stalingrad station. Ashley is right, the south (right bank) and especially the south east of Paris is very pleasant to live and definitively my favorite area for all parks, bars, restaurants, shops and mixing of cultures.
    I live in the 18em, near Montmartre and it’s really nice too.
    If you need some help or informations i will be happy to help you !

  10. Sophie Says:

    I just discover your blog.
    I’m a parisian woman. I aggre with the other girls said: the east of Paris is the better place to leave if you like mixing of cultures.
    To find an appartment, you can go on this websites or
    You will find offers of different agencies. The prices are better than offers directly by individuals.
    You can go on the website of this big french agency:
    I found my appartment with them.
    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need some informations
    Good luck et bienvenue à Paris!

  11. Parisbreakfasts Says:

    Bonne chance or Merde as the French say
    I hope we can meet in Oct..

  12. madi Says:

    paris paris PARIS?! REALLY? WOW. i will email you some infos.
    that’s so exciting!!!!!

  13. Cheri Says:

    awesome! thank you!! merci!

  14. PB Says:


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