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wine labels

photo booth]

Some photos I’ve been gathering together of the party, taken by our incredible photographer friends Lili and James. It was such a beautiful night!
My month of preparations is over from making all these tiny paper cranes, driftwood birds, painted flags and tablecloths, silkscreened napkins, making my dress, designing invitations and custom wine labels (with a little borrowed background illustration from here that I loved too much not to use), and hanging lanterns, lights, ribbons and streamers..
More photos from James here and here.

40 Responses to “Soirée”

  1. DUSKIN Says:

    congrats again! it looks so beautiful!

  2. paige anderson appel Says:

    Wow! you’re wedding is absolutely divine. I love love it. I’m going to feature it on my blog. would that be okay?

  3. Rachel Grassi-Montoya Says:

    So perfect! I love it. As an aside… in the far away shot of the tent your chairs look like polaroids, no? very cool. XO

  4. Heidi Says:

    I think my heart just exploded! The 3rd picture is definitely my favorite, the garden party atmosphere is exactly what I feel summer should be like. A magical fairytale with garden party lights 🙂 Everything looks beautiful

  5. Melanie Says:

    I’ve just fallen in love, with this party.

  6. Kate Says:

    Wow wow wow!

  7. lola is beauty Says:

    wow. I love all the details – so personal and so beautiful. I normally hate anything wedding related but this is wonderful. And if I saw these pictures randomly somewhere else I’d know it was your work.

  8. karen Says:

    such a charming and beautiful event the two of you put together!

  9. c Says:

    so cute and pretty! It’s magical….

  10. the daily smudge Says:

    looks amazing… have so much admiration for you folding all those little cranes! worth it though as they look so beautiful!

  11. Allie Says:


  12. James Ryang Says:

    Cheri, thanks for the linkage. It’s your styling that makes the images come to life. I posted some up here as well:

  13. Cheri Says:

    Thanks James, that’s really nice to hear, your photos are still awesome regardless of what I did.

  14. Cheri Says:

    you’re right rachel, they look like giant polaroids lining the tables haha.

  15. Cheri Says:

    please feel free to feature it on your blog. thanks paige!

  16. chau Says:

    Congrats, Cheri! It looks absolutely gorgeous and intimate. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  17. juli Says:

    congrats! this looks amazing! i love all the small details.

  18. gine Says:

    oh … that looks so beautiful ^^ … XOXO

  19. Lenya Says:

    this is the most AWESOME wedding reception pics ever. Would you mind if I featured them on my blog?

  20. anne Says:

    Found your blog via Black Eiffel. Such a beautiful wedding reception!! Mind if I feature it on my blog?

  21. sarah Says:

    Love the intimate setting.
    I agree that the evening looked magical and very personal.

  22. Yoko Says:

    fabulousness! beautiful yet warm…

  23. sarathira Says:

    congrats because it was so worth it!! it looked so magical, especially at night with just the right lighting. im so entertained just by looking at it 🙂

  24. e Says:

    Where are your wedding rings from? saw them in a previous post and fell in love with them!

  25. Sandi Says:

    Holy smokes! So wonderful!

  26. joanne Says:


  27. Chicsetera Paris Says:

    AMAZING party pictures!!! Totally inspirational! Wish I had been there!!


    –daily CHIC news from Paris–

  28. r Says:

    *so* beautiful!

  29. Abbey Says:


  30. ondressingup Says:

    O my goodness. How completely magical. It reminds me of a Tim Walker photo shoot come to life. You are so creative and are welcome to plan my wedding any time 😉 Congratulations!!! I hope you guys have a fantastic life together.

  31. LisaMagee Says:

    Just a question…what are the names of the flowers in the 7th picture from the top? They are so beautiful!

  32. Cheri Says:

    those flowers are ranunculus, some of my favorites.

  33. Parisbreakfasts Says:

    WOW! Absolutely fabulous and unique!!
    Big Congrats Cheri and David

  34. Natalie Says:

    I would love nothing more than to be at this glorious party!! so sweet!

  35. Lizzie Says:

    Good Lord. What a beautiful job you did. I love the streamers in combination with the other elements. Also the color scheme. The lightness. The colored bottles. And the flags! So wonderful, my goodness.

  36. Jessie Says:

    Heaven above! How beautiful! How thought about! The wild bunches and bouquets fresh from a garden, the flags and the paper moons – how romantic and fresh and gorgeous. Those paper cranes must have taken forever, but how worth while. Congratualtions!

  37. natalie Says:

    such incredible decorations! I’m going to save all these photos for 10 or how many ever years until I have such a party.

  38. ✦ERIN Says:

    OH this is so incredibly beautiful…………………..its magic!!!

  39. Séverine ❤ Maurice Says:

    oh !!! these images seem out of fairy tales ! it’s amazing.

  40. Ughsome Says:

    this is so beautiful!!!

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