Origami Art

I’ve been really into origami again lately. I love these origami shirts and dresses made of maps by Elizabeth Lecourt. I wish I could have been at the exhibit to see them in person.




origami dress

I also read an article in the New Yorker on Robert J. Lang, who is basically the Origami Master. He uses laser cutters on low settings to make super intricate creases, designs his own origami, was hired by Hermes just to make an origami Pegasus and that is incredibly amazing. I want to pick up all of his books since reading that piece. Here are some of his amazing creations:



banana slug


While I was trying to find one of my old origami instruction books for how to fold a paper heart I was making for David, I came across this video on YouTube that shows you how to fold a BEATING paper heart! What’s great is that you can fold along with them.

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  1. Nicolette Says:

    so beautiful! i love the banana slug. now i’m really dying to do some folding!

  2. Andrew Sommerfield Says:

    Cool banana slug. Is there a diagram any were?

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