So far..

Cheri Messerli painting

Okay Okay, I’m back, so many things to catch up on, it’s as I like to joke, INSEINE!! So I spotted Karl last weekend, we came face to face for un moment, in which he likely heard/saw me mouth to David, “IT’S KARL!”, he looked flawless in person, definitely a highlight so far.. checked out merci, and really liked the display of all the ceramic tea cups hanging from the ceiling from ribbons (you know I love ribbons), spotted a beautiful Isabel Marrant dress there that I LOOOOVE, looks just like this one on Carine.. no? Does she wear Isabel Marrant?? It looks just like it. Anyhow I’ve been super jet lagged and am waiting for a normal night of sleep to happen, so à bientôt!

5 Responses to “So far..”

  1. lola is beauty Says:

    I’m inseinely jalouse!

  2. Kylie Says:

    OMG! You came face to face with Karl? The best I’ve done in Paris was sitting next to Malcolm McLaren in a restaurant! I’m in Paris next week and I totally expect to do the same now! 😉 How can Carine go un-belted like that and still look good? Love the ribbons. Merci is on my list 🙂 K

  3. denise Says:

    you spotted THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE KARL????????????????

  4. if jane Says:

    oh wow!!! lucky you!! really!!!

  5. emma Says:

    Hum Isabel Marant, my favorite as well!

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