She was born to be my Unicorn..

Lula magazine

Lula magazine
Lula magazine Miranda July

It’s nice to be in the part of the world that gets Lula earlier. In NY I’d still be waiting months for this, ok weeks that feel like months. Some highlights from the new Lula.. love the title of the article on Miranda July, Her Eyes are a Blue Million Miles, and these top 3 photos by Yelena Yemchuk.

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  1. Cottonpetal Says:

    Did you know that ‘Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles’ is a Captain Beefheart song? I love that title too.

  2. Acaislim Says:


  3. FeatherGold Says:

    these photos are magical

  4. Fashionable Earth Says:

    Yes !! How amazing !! We posted the Spell short film with Topshop here:

  5. Parisbreakfasts Says:

    Oh interesting…I saw a pile of these at La Carrousel shows and wondered…

  6. James Ryang Says:

    I really like that story. We got that issue at home.

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