Lyell in Winter

Lyell winter lookbook Marie Louise de Monterey Paris

I just saw the new look book for Lyell, and have been won over again by this brand. It’s always looked nice but seemed a bit too slim fitting for anyone to fit into in person. These new designs however have me wondering if Marie Louise de Monterey is still carrying them here in Paris, and how am I going to justify buying a perfect little camisole, silk blouse and shorts in such cold weather. and what is this place they shot in? I love what’s going on on the walls!

5 Responses to “Lyell in Winter”

  1. C. Says:

    I love that little black dress in the fourth picture, girlish sophistication. The backdrop is lovely, shades of blue grey clouds, a wall mural?

  2. deanna Says:

    These photos are so inspiring and they’re making me definitely want to wallpaper or paint a mural in one of my rooms! The clothes are pretty gorgeous, too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. DUSKIN Says:


  4. cake. Says:

    i really think that lyell can do no wrong!

  5. theaxx Says:

    isn’t that wall paper the most beautiful wallpaper you’ve ever seen??? I wonder who designed it… and oh how i want to see it as a whole… sorry a bit of a random comment I know, but those clouds!!!



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