Stella and Lula

Stella McCartney's flicks
Sometimes you need to check in a little more often and dig a little deeper, look at these little treasures I discovered from Stella and Lula’s sites..
Recently exploring the Stella McCartney site, I discovered Stella’s flicks, which includes inteviews, behind the scenes clips, and some short arty films made for the brand with some very beautiful imagery worth checking out here.
From flickr I found these images below on Lula’s scrapbook, a sort of blog for Lula magazine featuring images sent in from specially curated guests.

Lula magazine blog
Also don’t miss this interview with Hope Sandoval. I missed her concert here in Paris while I was in LA. I heard the projections were amazing!

4 Responses to “Stella and Lula”

  1. tigerstolilies Says:

    So, so, so, so pretty, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing! I especially love that last pic of B.B.

  2. rebekah Says:

    lovely pictures, lovely blog!

  3. Says:

    Love the colours!

    Makes me think about the japanese Mori girls…

  4. Parisbreakfasts Says:

    Eeeeeep has W been messing with BB’s body?

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