cakes, tea + magazines

OFR tea and cake sundays magazine cake

OFR tea and cake sundays magazine cake

I love these beautiful cakes I came across last weekend for Dorade magazine at OFR. They looked too good to eat. Who knew among all the other things that go on there, they have tea and cake on Sundays. David has been creating some vignettes of their events recently that you can view here.

4 Responses to “cakes, tea + magazines”

  1. Marta Says:

    I really like your blog, the pictures you choose are incredible! I’m so adding it to my favourites…

    Love from Paris

  2. tigrelili Says:

    Yeah i’d want to frame those cakes!!!

  3. Ana Says:

    Those cakes look good man!!!! Loves it…

  4. stevie Says:

    my oh my!
    have you any idea who actually made the cake?
    i’d love to know!

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