Dinner with André

André Paris Apartment Vitamin Water Macarons

Although may sound nice, it definitely isn’t a good idea to just have macarons and champagne for dinner, not that I’m complaining, it was délicieux! It was not intentional but sometimes you just follow where the evening takes you. Mine started early and led me from an opening with little chairs and little kids, then a little movie screening and live music, to the first evening of a series of parties in the new André apartment space in Paris. He shared his vitamin water, champagne, and his macaron collaboration, in an André designed tin, made by a “very famous baker, do you say baker?” They are red caramel au beurre sel and they are AMAZING! The salt is particularly strong on the outside and adds a really nice contrast to the traditional caramel macaron. Since they were sitting there all night I may have gorged myself on them a bit, meanwhile so many people were wandering around this small space.. Camille Bidault Wadddington! Vanessa Bruno! Jean Touitou, Oliver Zahm (whose photographs lined the walls of the space), Irina Lazareanu… and of course André, who was a very nice host. Above are some dark and blurry photos of my “dinner”.

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  1. if jane Says:

    oh i AM jealous in a good way! how fabulous!! ;))

  2. ellenitza Says:

    Oh, this makes me miss Paris! There’s a bakery in the 18th called Delmontel that has, I swear, some of the best macarons in town. It’s near my favorite cheese shop as well. You can read more about it here: http://ellenitza.blogspot.com/2009/11/paris.html.

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