Chloe in the Sky..

Chloe Collection 2004 from Jacky&Blue on Vimeo.

Made my night! Thank you Tracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! made by blue, this is what behind the scenes should be and more! Now I know where those beautiful magazine images of rainbows and bird silhouettes originally came from. **View the video here

4 Responses to “Chloe in the Sky..”

  1. chau Says:

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I distinctly remember falling in love with that green dress with the sheer overlay.

  2. PRIMOEZA Says:

    gosh, makes life look perfect.

  3. blue Says:

    hello – im not sure if you received my last comment?! – if not -i just wanted to say thank you for featuring my film on your blog! Its been sitting in my cupboard for years and thought id never show it, then i had a change of heart…
    I have always liked your blog . Ive had it on my blogroll since i started mine with my sister a few years ago . Im glad you liked my film too …

  4. Cheri Says:

    I didn’t receive your last comment but Thank you so much! I just discovered your blog through Tracy who I didn’t realize you also know. Love your blog, so sweet you share it with your sister. Your film is really incredibly beautiful!

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