Around Town

Paris Cheri Messerli
Paris Cheri Messerli

some sights + scenes from around here lately.

4 Responses to “Around Town”

  1. july Says:

    Your dog has the best face in the entire world! Huge love!

  2. emma Says:

    It looks great! J’adore la tete du chien avec son joli noeud pap…

  3. Cheri Says:

    Merci Emma + Jaja! She doesn’t seem to mind wearing bows and scarves haha.

  4. kat Says:

    I just adore Aurore Capucine and I am so happy that you’ve posted a window shot so I can more thoroughly fantasize. A lavender sablĂ© or a rose meringue or a tablet of her homemeade chocolate or anything she makes at allll would be so good right now. Please eat something of hers in my honor?

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