Summer Descends

Scout Holiday

Scout Holiday

It’s been so hot here in Paris I can’t believe it! Finally!
images from… mociun, bunny bisous, r29, saturdays, garance dore, vamoose, acne, etsy, lula, ensuite, lina scheynius, jack and jil..

9 Responses to “Summer Descends”

  1. Color Collective Says:

    loove all these photos!! beautiful compilation!

  2. loucieee Says:

    I like the first picture most. It’s cozy and… awesome!

  3. Louisa Says:

    Oh what perfect dreamyness! The light in these pics is beautiful – I wish it was as warm here in bonny Ecosse!

  4. Tiffany Says:

    love lisa bonet!!!

  5. robyn Says:

    You have such great style!

  6. Anne and Christie Says:

    today was the first day in weeks, it seems, that it hasn’t rained here in portland. but that hasn’t stopped us from dreaming about summer and all of our plans for it.

  7. Alexandra Says:

    Beautiful selection.

  8. effy Says:

    loveeeee the first pic
    I want more bigger one 🙂

  9. Claire Says:

    Ahhhh summmerrrr…. I love that you’ve included Denise Huxtable, my second ever style crush after my Molly Ringwald phase.

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