Yoko Omori

I came across stylist Yoko Omori’s name from seeing it connected to so many of my favorite editorial spreads. I tried to look up some information about her, but found her book instead! This book is beyond words, the images speak for themselves.

Yoko Omori
Yoko Omori

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  1. rogeroger2000 Says:

    Does anyone know the ISBN # for this book?

    …or anywhere I can purchase it?
    I live in Toronto, but I have friends in various cities who could pick it up for me, or online shopping.

    I’m having difficulty tracking down where /how I can get a copy.

    Please and thank you for the help!

  2. Cheri Says:

    You can purchase this book from Kinokuniya and they can order it from Japan for you. They have locations in lots of major cities. http://www.kinokuniya.com/

  3. nemo Says:

    This book is so good.

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