From the Desk of..

Cheri Messerli David Rager Design Sponge sneak peek

A little tour of our place on Design Sponge here.

5 Responses to “From the Desk of..”

  1. Lightning Heart Says:

    oh my goodness, your house is gorgeous!

  2. Esther Says:

    i love the country-home feeling <3 very cosy!

  3. Claire Says:

    Your place is absolutely beautiful. I’d seen bits of it before but it’s amazing to see it all…How on earth did you find a huge airy space like that in Paris? Oh, and I would also like everything on your registry! Hope you’ve had your dinner at Chez Janou, I love that place.

  4. renilde Says:

    love your house 🙂

  5. Katie Says:

    I love your house – and is that a mini garland I spy above your computer? Very cute.

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