Boys Style

Due to a number of requests, I am posting some mens fashion. Aside from of course the quality and fit, styling is espcially important for guys clothes since most pieces tend to be basics, so most of these images are for styling inspiration more so than focusing on certain brands that are not always easy to afford.

guys everday wear

guys style everyday wear

L to R: miu miu, 2 images from the sartorialist, unknown, loden dager a/w ’06, stephan schneider s/s ’08, marc by marc jacobs s/s ’08

guys winter wear

guys cold weather style

detail of shoes from the sartorialist, cloak, loden dager x2, miu miu boots, loden dager, united bamboo duffer coat.

guys warm weather wear

guys warm weather style

some backstage shots from shows i can’t recall, lacoste s/s ’08

guys style details

guys sweater and jacket details

guys shirt details

rykiel homme s/s ’08 x2, lanvin s/s ’08, marni s/s ’08, paul smith s/s ’08, patirik ervell s/s ’08, henrik vibskov s/s/ ’08, kris van assche s/s ’08, rykiel homme s/s ’08, kris van assche s/s ’08, woods & woods s/s ’08, marni s/s ’08

guys dressed up style

guys dressyness

lanvin s/s ’08, robert geller s/s ’08, obedient sons s/s ’08, _, cloak

band of outsiders suits

guys suits

band of outsiders makes some of the best mens clothes out there, and their suits are incredible in both quality and fit.

guys suit inspiration wayne coyne

Wayne Coyne

I’m not sure where Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips gets all his perfectly fit suits from but he is one of the best dressed musicians out there. He really demonstrates how having things well tailored makes a huge difference in how good they look on.

more adventurous guys style

guys more adventurous style

marni s/s ’08, henrik vibskov s/s/ ’08, + paul smith s/s ’08

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  1. bobble-bee Says:

    Nice post, i agree in all your choices!

  2. Pop-Rouge Says:

    Yum yum, it’s all decided in the hair – Everything else can be over-crisp but the hair has to be wild (or missing), no?

  3. globi Says:

    i like the details~
    ncie post! and happy to visit such a blog w. HEART and passion 😉

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