Strange Days..

So-En magazine Yoko Omori

So-En magazine Yoko Omori

A day off today in celebration of mon anniversaire. Some images from Yoko Omori, So-En + more..
ps. links, logs + friends returning soon! not sure why they disappeared. one of the mysteries of the web..

6 Responses to “Strange Days..”

  1. Mary Says:

    Where is the third image from? Great stuff.

  2. Mary Says:

    Whoops! Meant the fourth.

  3. amy w Says:

    Bon anniversaire! 😀

  4. me Says:

    oh great, i always visit your blog and then go to see aaaaaaall of your friends and links….its like guaranteed they are cool..! 😉

  5. me Says:

    thats for the 4th picture, its amazing.

  6. betty-bits Says:

    wow-the last one is stunning!

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