The Crystal Ball of Fashion

NakedCowgirlVintage Crystal Early

My friend Crystal has the craziest style and an insane ability to find the most amazing vintage pieces. She is also waaaaay beyond ahead of any trends. She just started a blog for her finds and luckily for all of us, a webshop! She is definitely one to watch, and a great place to score some bold new pieces. I have some amazing things from her past sales. I’m so glad she started a site where I can still keep up with her discoveries from afar. So good I almost don’t want to share.

4 Responses to “The Crystal Ball of Fashion”

  1. Amy Says:

    I’m so glad you did share, though! I love her.

  2. Color Collective Says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Ensuite Says:

    THIS is generous Cheri… Very very kind of you… 😉

  4. size too small Says:

    oooooh- i just visited her shop and it’s wonderful. so glad to know about it!

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