Miss Lonelyhearts Giveaway

Miss Lonelyhearts by Jenny Yuen

Miss Lonelyhearts by Jenny Yuen

Our friends over at Miss Lonelyhearts have launched a beautiful new website and in celebration of this, we are giving away a Miss Lonelyhearts bag to a lucky reader.
Just leave a comment on this post by next Thursday July 29th, and on Friday a winner will be picked using a random number generator.
ps. the bag being given away is the black one pictured. ; )

87 Responses to “Miss Lonelyhearts Giveaway”

  1. aidy Says:

    ooooooo wannnnnnttttttt!

  2. laura Says:

    ooh how exciting and what cute bags!

  3. Anabela Says:

    Oh! Well, on the off chance…

  4. fashionable palette Says:

    Ahhh, this is so exciting! I LOVE the bag.

  5. angela joy Says:

    OH MY GOSH! I love the bonnie & clyde! ammmazzing!


  6. Nidhi Says:

    oh beautiful yellow bag…be mine!

  7. Lolawashername.com Says:

    What a marvelous giveaway! Congrats to the Miss Lonelyhearts ladies on a fabulous new site. Loving this sweet little satchel! Fingers crossed!

  8. Khemy Says:

    Whee! What a gorgeous bags!

  9. stina Says:

    those bags are amazing!

  10. Jezebel Says:

    Bette Davis eyes! Please enter me…

  11. Carolee Says:

    I love bags! I cannot get enough of them!

  12. Emily Lorraine Says:

    This would be a hot bag for a new mother of two:)

  13. christie Says:

    these bags are so lovely!

  14. Gela Says:

    Such a pretty website! I’d love a chance to win. 🙂

  15. niki Says:

    really wonderful stuff!

  16. Ida Says:

    Perfect for summer!

  17. Roxanne Says:

    Brilliant, these bags are pure perfection!

  18. Kate Says:

    Oooh I know my heart would not be so lonely if I had this bag to keep it company.
    : )
    <3 cactus kaite.

  19. Alexandra Says:

    mm yes please!


  20. Mhari Says:

    . . . \ \ \ lovely / / / . . .

  21. Justine Says:

    such a lovely giveaway! 🙂

  22. me Says:


  23. Ashley Says:

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  24. elissa c Says:

    Ooh, that bag is a stunner. I’m off to check out their new site now!

  25. Ev Says:

    Yummmm…Love that bag!

  26. Katie Says:

    Yes please, yes please, my heart would never be lonely again with a bag like that!

  27. J. Says:

    what a lovely giveaway!

  28. caitlyn Says:

    wow, this bag is stylin’. thanks for the chance to win one!
    p.s. cheri you have the most beautiful aesthetic.

  29. phillipa croft Says:

    I have so much ‘baggage’ and it needs storing!

  30. Iman Person Says:

    Ohhh lonelyhearts bag, come to me please!

  31. Janelle Says:

    How lovely! Thank you for the fabulous giveaway!

  32. Nora Says:

    What a lovely new website and what a beautiful song! My bank account won’t like my new crush…

  33. Stephanie Says:

    It’s gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway Cheri 🙂

  34. Laura Says:

    what a great idea, their new site is lovely.

  35. Nana Says:

    yay I want it!

  36. Amanda Says:

    Beautiful bags and beautiful website! xo

  37. Stephanie Says:

    very cute! hope i can win one 🙂

  38. Various Projects Says:

    beautiful little bag & pretty styling! 🙂

  39. Daniela Says:

    Love, love, love…una bolsa super maravillosa! xo

  40. Lindsay Ringwald Says:

    Ohhhhh I want!!! 🙂

  41. Carly Says:

    I love your posts and chose a good day to catch up with my blogginh as it coincides with a giveaway! But will you deliver to Australia or Argentina….

  42. Mademoiselle Robot Says:

    Ooh I’d love to enter this! The bags are gorgeous!

  43. Hector Says:

    Gorgeous, thank you!!

  44. Georgia Rose Says:


  45. C. Says:

    How lovely!

  46. Aubrey Says:

    SUCH a gorgeous bag!!!

  47. Skye Says:

    I love them all!

  48. Says:

    i won’t care about being lonely any longer if i carry my heart in this beautiful bag.

  49. Kelly Says:

    Lonelyhearts, oh my! Fingers crossed.. Thank you for this lovely giveaway!

  50. pia Says:

    so cute! and their website is great too!

  51. Ana Says:

    LOVE !

  52. JULIA GOOLIA Says:

    gorgeous bag on a gorgeous site!

  53. Sheena Says:

    Too too lovely.

  54. Lua Says:

    How can I not leave a comment? Love the bag! 🙂

  55. Blair Says:

    great giveaway!

    lovely bag

  56. big fea Says:

    so pretty! pick me please!

  57. tigerstolilies Says:

    haha! nice!

  58. Dani Says:

    Hope its meeee!!!! love this bag! love this blog!

  59. Carlotta Says:

    Lovely. I love the way Miss Lonelyhearts pictures match perfectly with your blog design!

  60. Lenneke Says:

    Such a cute bag! <3

  61. Sharon Says:

    What a great bag! and such a cute website!

  62. Julie Says:

    love the bag…I adore bags, I collect them, but I have way to many brown ones…a black would be a great addition!!

  63. Dima Says:

    lovely. and it makes a smily face back at you 🙂

  64. Taegen Says:

    Love that bag!

  65. if jane Says:

    i left a comment…right at your door step…and i am slowly backing away into the shadows…hehe.

  66. Mara Says:

    What a lovely bag, thanks to you both for doing a giveaway.

  67. Lily Says:

    SWOON. Want!

  68. kat Says:

    love the bag & your blog!

  69. Michelle Says:

    Thank you for the chance and thanks for your lovely blog x

  70. Dani Says:

    Looooooooove it! I want it on my shoulder! <3

  71. Lisa Marie Says:

    I love this bag and blog 🙂 Hope I win!

  72. Bethany Says:

    It’s beautiful! It would be perfect for biking to school!

  73. Heather Clendenin Says:

    I will love this bag forever. and ever.

  74. Elaine Says:

    How lovely! The bag is gorgeous! Thanks! 🙂

  75. michael ann Says:

    oh how sweet! that is a rockin bag, and i looove the collage :]

  76. Melanie Says:

    I’ve loved her bags forever, and this one is no exception! Will definitely have to check out the new(ish) store soon!

  77. LeeLina Says:

    I need a new bag so bad.

  78. bianca Says:

    yes pls <3

  79. Kelly Says:

    I adore her website and the article about her boutique in New York Magazine!! Everything she has is just perfect!

  80. vanessa Says:

    lovely lovely bags…

  81. Katherine Says:

    for me!?

  82. Susie Says:

    It’s worth a try!
    ps, beautiful website

  83. Kristi Says:

    I’m the type to carry a beat up canvas tote bag most days, but I’d love one of these.

  84. danielle Says:

    Hello. I’m entering!

  85. Lauri Says:

    Love it (l)

  86. chau Says:

    love love love

  87. zoomzoom Says:

    love you blog! love the cutesy bag too <3

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