Like Streaming Watercolors..

Rodarte Autumn de Wilde

Rodarte Autumn de Wilde

A while back I wrote to Rodarte and and titled the email “Like Streaming Watercolors”, because their clothes often remind me of this. Sadly I never heard back from them, perhaps because I used the word beautiful to describe their designs which I have since read they hate, which is silly, but these incredible photos of their Fall 2010 collection by Autumn de Wilde reinforce this association for me. For me no one makes their clothes look better.

8 Responses to “Like Streaming Watercolors..”

  1. sarah Says:

    looks like your email inspired them.
    your friend nakedcowgirl is my new obsession btw

  2. Color Collective Says:

    i love this photo shoot. beautiful!!

  3. Crystal Lee Says:

    These images are beautiful. Oh no, now Rodarte is gonna beat me up. Thanks Sara!

  4. tigerstolilies Says:

    sooo beautiful! haha. take that, rodarte! but seriously, pretty intricate & prepossessing backdrop for their shoot. thank you for sharing*

  5. Various Projects Says:

    i love everything rodarte & autumn de wilde do… and together, ahhhh. so BEAUTIFUL! 😉

  6. parisbreakfast Says:

    Yup very pretty
    but technically I have to say…watercolors could never ‘stream’ like this..maybe pastels – strokes of pastels?
    Not real white for one thing in watercolor unless yr using gouach and it still wouldn’t ‘stream’ like this
    Sorry but you caught my attention 🙂

  7. Alexandra Says:

    just beautiful

  8. b. Says:

    Awesome ! I really like your blog..!

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