YSL Coloring

YSL coloring book

YSL coloring book

YSL coloring book

YSL coloring book

YSL coloring book

This Yves Saint Laurent coloring book came out around the same time as the YSL exhibit at the Petit Palais, which was so good! The book contains 37 pages of his fashion sketches to color in. I found this pocket sized bilingual version to send to my niece.

4 Responses to “YSL Coloring”

  1. ClaraAnne Says:

    The exhibition at the petit palais was amazing, the colours, the drama! The recreation of his desk/workspace was my favourite, I lingered for quite awhile trying to take it in. I remember they sold colouring books when I visited the YSL exhibition at the San Francisco Moma as well, I have a copy!

  2. cheri Says:

    Oh nice! Somehow I missed the recreation of his workspace! I will have to make it back there this month.

  3. Signorina Svizzera Says:

    This is so brilliant! How in the world did I miss this? I got lots of stuff at that little pop-up shop outside the exhibition…was this from there as well, or was there another little store?

  4. cheri Says:

    I didn’t actually see the little cart, I purchased this one online on amazon.fr

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