Bon Weekend

Kotori Kawashima Mirai Chan

Kotori Kawashima Mirai Chan

Kotori Kawashima Mirai Chan

Kotori Kawashima Mirai Chan

It’s been that kind of week (see first photo), I’ve been both sick, frustrated and busy. I love the photographs of this super cute kid in this book by artist Kotori Kawashima. Kawashima’s daughter has an amazingly expressive face.

12 Responses to “Bon Weekend”

  1. emma Says:

    That first picture is amazing. Love it.

  2. Crystal Lee Says:

    my goodness, this little gal is at the cuteness level of my niece. Hope things get more mellow for you.

  3. tigerstolilies Says:

    and those cheeks!! ahh! hope you feel better*

  4. chihiro Says:

    kawashima is one of my favorite photographers. But this cute girl Mirai-chan isn’t his daughter actually.

  5. rchm Says:

    ogoood the girls is o cute,i think he’s from japan.

  6. Spontaneous Reality Says:

    what an amazing little creature…she’s beautiful!

  7. Family Lawyers Sydney Says:

    wow she is so sosos cute..gee.

  8. clio Says:

    Ah she is adorable! I love these photos, lovely blog too 🙂

  9. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints Says:

    Amazing! That little girl’s face is capitivating!!!

  10. Michelle Says:

    Sorry you were frustrated, sucks. BUt, that kid is so freaking cute! OMG.

  11. Joanna M. Says:

    Sooo adorable !! This made me smile! Thak you for posting!

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