First Fall

Fall fashion inspiration 2010 Cheri Messerli

Fall fashion inspiration 2010 Cheri Messerli

Fall fashion inspiration 2010 Cheri Messerli

It’s already something you feel in the air and it’s only September 1st. There’s more people out on the street, making more of an effort to get dressed again.. la rentrée is in the air here in Paris. Although I’m not quite ready to leave summer behind especially after such a short one this year, fall fashion inspiration always makes it an exciting time to get dressed before the cold comes in.
images from everywhere.. so many tumblrs.., mon amour vintage.. last image by June Newton

10 Responses to “First Fall”

  1. chelliswilson. Says:

    Oh, I LOVE that photo of Mia Farrow!

  2. Crystal Lee Says:

    Thanks to your post, I’m setting out to recreate the look in picture # 3 and the last picture. (Haha). I feel like if I post any Fall inspirations on my blog, that I’m jinxing the long summer that I am hoping for. Summer por vida! Anyway, beautiful pictures.

  3. cheri Says:

    Awesome can’t wait to see them Crystal!

  4. Annah Says:

    Oh, i love the changing of seasons!!

    I love your blog so much, i’m an avid reader (although the kind that doesn’t post!)

    I have just started my own blog, and i have a questionnaire I am putting out for my university project.
    I wonder if maybe you have the time to take it here:

    I would be eternally grateful if you could! that goes to anyone else who reads these comments! heh.

    thanks so much


  5. joanne Says:

    very exciting.

  6. Joanna M. Says:

    Very exciting collection of images!

  7. Tilly Says:

    I love Autumn! As much as I like summer I feel much better in tights 😉 sparing my pale vampireish legs he he !

    Your blog is so beautiful! xxx

  8. Spontaneous Reality Says:

    My favorite season….bring on the layers of knits!

  9. sneak Says:

    oh! haha! you have tilda as one of your inspirations. we just shot her! she has a very cool vibe. 🙂

    also, there is something clearly in the air, because lately i want super loose, really drapey clothing. like, kimonos and late 80s breezy things. obviously anything sold at maryam nassir zadeh would do the trick.

  10. cheri Says:

    seriously! me too. i’m dying to visit mnz, wasn’t there yet when we lived there.
    have you seen the new ecens? will be posting some of it soon..

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