Cooling Down..

Vogue Nippon Autumn 2010

I love this image from Japanese Vogue, with all of it’s loose subtle layering. As of this weekend the scarves are back out, and the heaters are on here in Paris. Although I feel like summer never really came, it’s kind of nice to think about pulling out coats and sweaters again especially with some incroyable inspiration I’ve seen recently, which hopefully I’ll sneak in some time to share with you this week. à bientôt!

3 Responses to “Cooling Down..”

  1. Ensuite Says:

    I confirm… no summer came!!!
    beautiful picture

  2. short term rental london Says:

    Ensuite,…. I definitely agree with you!
    But anyway.. there is no better thing than the summer season.

  3. Alexandra Says:

    lovely photograph

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