Marc by Marc

Marc Jacobs ads

It’s rare that I actually scan or save an ad, but I have to say I’ve been into these Marc Jacobs ads lately, with beautiful and mysterious girls sitting in the dirt or laying fully dressed along the seaside.

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  1. rubi Says:

    i love these ads too. especially the top one.

  2. size too small Says:

    marc always gets it right.

  3. if jane Says:

    they are great. who shot them?

  4. cheri Says:

    Jurgen Teller as usual but these are pretty different for him. Not sure who styled them.

  5. Marc Jacobs « Grapes Says:

    […] Scout Holiday hat die Werbekampagnen für die Winterkollektionen von Marc Jacobs zusammengestellt und genauso wie ihr gefallen mir die Bilder richtig gut! Die Kleider sind der Inbegriff von “modernem Vintage” und toll inszeniert in dem herbstlich-milchigen Licht. from → Ad Campaigns ← Sale am Wochenende: Lala Berlin No comments yet Click here to cancel reply. […]

  6. marissa (stylebook) Says:


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