Janz & Cooper

Janz and Cooper sunglasses

This line of sunglasses by Janz & Cooper is unbelievable! Only 3 styles but in a variety of great colors and prints. There is not much on their site but what is there is perfection! I’m now torn between these and the Dries glasses (even if buying either of them is purely only in my imagination, my imagination is torn).
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  1. Tamara Says:

    Oh! I’m looking for a new pair of sunglasses right now, and these are simply perfect!

  2. size too small Says:

    oooooooooh! love them.

  3. Corner Store Says:

    light perfect dream sunglasses

  4. oh no no no | C O F F E E & O R A N G E S Says:

    […] via scout holiday; via style bubble. This entry was posted in accessories, tribulations and tagged decision-making, designer sunglasses, diane von furstenberg, dvf, sunglasses. Bookmark the permalink. ← muji muji go go go […]

  5. rebecca Says:

    thank you for this, my search is over!!!

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