Necklace Mania

CM by Cheri Messerli jewelry

CM by Cheri Messerli jewelry

CM by Cheri Messerli jewelry

Part of the insanity that’s been happening around here lately was a large order of flag necklaces I was working on. Sometimes having a tree in your life is a very practical solution for keeping so many necklaces from getting tangled together. More project updates soon!

12 Responses to “Necklace Mania”

  1. kendal croix Says:

    coolest jewelry display ever.

  2. Claire * Lola Is Beauty Says:

    Fantastic amount of necklaces! Am imagining you now relaxing with bandaged fingers…x

  3. B Says:

    This is absolutely adorable. I love love love the tree idea. It could even be a great idea for a highly accessorized ladies closet. you could make it rotate!

    adorable as always

  4. Tracy Says:

    So nice to see them finished.
    Well done!
    Hope you can now rest a bit

  5. chelliswilson. Says:

    That’s extraordinary! And so beautiful! Talk about suffering for art….your poor, poor hands. 😉

  6. under the thespian sky Says:

    Very well done/

  7. Emma Says:


  8. Meowmeow Says:

    These are amazing! Is there a place where they can be purchased online? 🙂

  9. tiffany Says:

    good to see that tree at work. it was being a lazy-good-for-nothing before.

    post-christmas 2010 search to start soon!!!

  10. tiffany Says:

    also, i can’t believe you made all of those! and the wall logo is super cool!

  11. mae Says:

    anthropologie? i saw these on there and thought – hey they ripped her off! then i realized it was yours – yay 🙂 i hope to get one for my birthday

  12. melly Says:

    Incredibly inspiring!

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