J’adore Agnes B + Sanna

Agnes B Sanna Saastamoinen-Barrois

One of the things that defines some of the best places in a city you live in is when it feels like you are somewhere else, even if you love that city we all want to be transported sometimes. This week friends invited us to the Agnes B enfant space for a soirée of art, music, fashion, performance and participation. I arrived to find a space filled with the scent of spiced mulled wine being served, lots of interesting characters and friends and an amazing rock band (in the truest sense) playing downstairs in the cave, where people were painting on the walls throughout the night. The band apparently has no name, they don’t care, they just play. The artist in residence there Sanna Saastamoinen-Barrois had free reign of the space, and filled it with her captivating personal photographs, paintings, and a few pieces from her incredible capsule collection made for Agnes B next season, which I’m really looking forward to seeing when it comes out. There were too many people there to photograph the art, but you can see some of her beautiful work here.

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  1. if jane Says:

    i adore the (creative) projects that agnès b. gets involved with!

  2. Nidhi Says:

    hey cheri did you design necklaces for anthropologie? I just saw this and thought of you

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