Shining Star

Lula magazine

Lula magazine

Lula returns! Thanks to David for picking this up for me in London, it was the first time I’ve had the new issue so soon! (yet taken sooo long to post something about it, I am slowly coming back from my long vacation from my computer) This issue is filled with goodness! So many favorites it was hard to choose what to share. I love the dress Charlotte Gainsbourg has on, and the white ribbon worn with the lace dress. I wore a long white ribbon around my neck when I got married. I will always have a weak spot for nice ribbons, which is probably why I love Lula so much. Be sure not to miss this one!

3 Responses to “Shining Star”

  1. Gabriele Says:

    Your return is not less waited than Lula’s!

  2. cheri Says:

    so sweet! thank you

  3. if jane Says:

    simply nice

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