yoko part 2

yoko Omori

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  1. hyolee Says:

    I ‘ve already had the first book that she edited, but I’tried to search the new one, and sooooooo I don’t find it ouinnnnn, so Scout Holiday 🙂 do u know if there is a copy at JUNKUDO SHop in Paris, since I’m living there :D, so nice from u and that’s a great BLOG !

  2. Cheri Says:

    Which book is the new one? I only have one by her and one that is on collage that she is featured in. I am not sure where you would find it in Paris but if you do let me know! I ordered mine from Kinokuniya in NYC.

  3. rogeroger2000 Says:

    The new one they’re referring to is “For a Girl”, which was mentioned on this site in Sept. 07.

    If anyone knows the ISBN # for it, or any online or city book store sources for it, please post a comment.
    So far web searches have turned up nothing. If I only spoke/read Japanese, maybe that would help.


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