Vintage Schools

vintage schools milk magazine

There’s something I’ve always loved and appreciated about old schools that look a certain way and have a certain feel to them. I found this article’s images really inspiring. These well designed schools are so beautiful. It’s so much nicer to learn in a place that looks and feels like a school and has history to it, versus a place that looks like an office building that should be filled with cubicles.
images from Milk Magazine Japon.

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  1. marie christodulaki Says:

    i would have loved to go to a school like one of those.. so inspiring (and you need inspiration to learn) merci

  2. marie christodulaki Says:

    thsts weird i just commented and its not here
    i would have loved to have gone to a school like one of inspiring (and you need to be inspired to learn things!) merci

  3. Pedro Gouveia Says:

    If I’m not mistaken, this is the kindergarten on top of the Unite d’Habitation in Marseille, from the greatest master of all, Le Corbusier.

    It just looks too familiar to be something inspired by it. An incredible oeuvre…

    Too bad I couldn’t get in it…

  4. Daniela Says:

    I wanted to know about school that took the photos for the magazine article of the Japanese Milk ” Vintage School”. and you can send the item by mail to
    I loved this post! ThankĀ“s!


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