La Fin et Le Début

Candelaria Paris designed by Cheri Messerli et David Rager

Scout Holiday

Candelaria Paris designed by Cheri Messerli et David Rager

Happy end of fashion week/month! Come celebrate with a drink candleside at the opening of Candelaria, a new bar and taqueria designed by David and I this Thursday night. 52 rue Saintonge 75003 Paris -enter through the Taqueria. More photos of the space to come!
second to last image source unknown, but I love it.. anyone.. anyone?

8 Responses to “La Fin et Le Début”

  1. keren Says:

    that black hat is very appropriate given what david was wearing at the surface to air event. i guess he should try topless next time. although maybe that look only works in photos 😉

  2. Crystal Lee Says:

    Wow, Cheri, Candelaria looks sooooo cool! a Taqueria in Paris? incroyable! I’m happy you two get to work together. I adore the second to last image as well!

  3. trailer Says:

    Glad to visit! Trailer5700

  4. Erin Says:

    Gorgeous photos… Looking forward to popping in when I return to Paris. Thanks!

  5. Cherry Says:

    Great work on Candelaria. It looks oh so cosy. I will definitely check it out next time I’m in Paris. I love the innovative twist on the “fireplace”.

  6. Lenneke Says:

    It looks amazing! On my must visit list next time when I am in Paris!

  7. Prêt à Voyager Says:

    I celebrated my 30th bday there on Saturday. It was totally dreamy and all my friends were mega impressed. Well done!


  8. Andrea Says:

    I visited candelaria last week on our trip to Paris. It’s beautiful, so cosy and privat. And the cocktails were just amazing-Pisco Disco. Very nice work!

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