winter scene

winter scene

This was what I was hoping to wake up to this morning (except replace all the cute colorful houses with gray buildings), but instead it was all slushy and rainy. It was so nice to see it finally snow last night, but it was so short!

4 Responses to “winter scene”

  1. marie christodulaki Says:

    where is that?
    those houses are so sweet!

  2. Cheri Says:

    I have no idea but it’s so beautiful! I wonder if they all got together to color-coordinate the town?

  3. kulbyjack Says:

    Hello! For starters, I lovvve love love your blog. Anyways, I realize you posted this months ago but the picture has always fascinated me! Where’d you find this pic?

  4. Cheri Says:

    A friend had this page torn out from an old magazine, but I don’t know which magazine it’s from sorry.

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