Cheri Messerli Milk Magazine

Cheri Messerli Milk Magazine

Cheri Messerli Milk magazine

Cheri Messerli milk magazine

Cheri Messerli milk magazine

Cheri Messerli milk magazine

Check out the feature Milk magazine did on David and I in our place, with our friends Rosemarie, her daughter Tess, and Josh from Candelaria, who cooked up some amazing tacos for the picnic. Plus a few extra photos I took during the shoot. ***** only the bottom 3 photos are by me.

11 Responses to “MILK”

  1. Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys Says:

    Brilliant! I want to have a picnic on the floor, definitely with tacos! And I also want that child’s dress!

  2. Shara Says:

    beautiful! love this idea and your pictures below. will have to hunt down a copy of milk magazine in san francisco…

  3. emma Says:

    It looks amazing! Hope to see your creations soon at Merci…
    Can’t wait to buy the new issue.

  4. Genevieve Savard Says:

    so wonderful. i’m going out to have a picnic right now in the parc with boyfriend and the cat on a leash. i wish i had a portable record player.

  5. cara Says:

    oh this looks so fun!

  6. Nathalie Says:

    nice pictures ,nice people ,cute kids….Nathalie

  7. Claire - Lola Is Beauty Says:

    I just bought it – couldn’t resist the candystriped cover – best one on the shelf!

  8. marissa (stylebook) Says:

    cheri, i love everything about this! and the cover photo is one in a million.

  9. Hannah Says:

    This is so rad! I especially like how the picnic blanket is in your print. I love Milk magazine, wish there was a place near to me that stocked it though 🙁

  10. Amanda Jane Says:

    love milk magazine. such lovely photographs!

  11. madi Says:

    cheri – you are so great. really & truly.
    hope you’re well.

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