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Cheri Messerli

Cheri Messerli
Cheri Messerli

Back from another little holiday.. totally getting used to french holidays and loving that my birthday lands on the day before an official day off here. We had a little celebration with friends, balloons, decorations and heart melting surprises from David, and the most amazing birthday cake anyone’s ever made me! (** with the exception of my mom of course) My cake was made by the incredibly talented Alison, who makes cakes and other treats for Candelaria, among many other very cool things. She made it based on a picture David gave her of a cake I really wanted, and I couldn’t have been happier. I just wish I had shot a better photo of it, on top there was the most beautiful pink meringue with rainbow colored sprinkles and hints of glitter.. can you tell I love beautiful cakes a little too much..? A big thank you to all my friends for making it a super nice night!

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  1. cheryl Says:

    Happy Birthday! The cake is beautiful! What kind of cake was it? Sprinkles and glitter…it can not get any better than that!

  2. cheri Says:

    It was a sort of vanilla cake with colorful sprinkles baked in. So delicious!

  3. Various Projects Says:

    beautiful decor! xx

  4. tigerstolilies Says:

    OMG your cake + balloons + entire home looks like a birthday dream! better than the narnia+nutcracker+harry potter+ unicorn one i wanted to throw you! i have to up my anty! happy birthday again, dear friend*** xo

    p.s. it seems like i’d have a hard time choosing between looking or eating the cake! it’s so beautiful*

  5. Natalie Artin Says:

    So beautiful and whimsical just like Cheri! still sad over the cake-tastrophe! it looks soooooooo good. xoxox

  6. hila Says:

    it looks like such a cosy and inviting celebration 🙂

  7. marissa (stylebook Says:

    happy birthday! ours must be very close!
    and you’ll never believe what my boy gave me… your flag necklace!
    all these months later, he remembered and it was the sweetest surprise.
    it’s so beautiful, i love it. thank you!

  8. cheri Says:

    wonderful! i’m so happy to hear that. happy birthday to you as well!!

  9. Punnya Says:

    I love the styling! Cheri, can you PLEASE tell me where I can get balloons like those at your party. Merci beaucoup!

  10. cheri Says:

    Sorry the balloons came from a random no name shop in the neighborhood on Layfayette.

  11. jo Says:

    absolutely stunning

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