On Fire

Scout Holiday

I feel on fire lately. Feels good to be back from wherever I was. A good vacation really helps. My friend Alex has this expression about people, things, etc.. being on fire, and I am feeling it. Which is good because there are only a million projects flying my way right now. Started reading Fran Lebowitz’s Metropolitan Life after watching her documentary recently, (finally!) loooved it, add her to the new list of heroes! Not sure who this amazing images is by.. anyone?
photo by Aitor Saavedra for Macarena Adell thanks Patricia for the image info!

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  1. Patricia Says:

    Hello Cheri!
    what a nice surprise! first of all I want to say that I love your blog and your work, and I’ve been following it from the beginning!
    Also, that image was taken by one of my best friends: aitor saavedra, you can see more of his photos here: http://aitorsaavedra.tumblr.com/
    The picture is from a project of fashion designer Macarena Adell, whom I’m also lucky to have as a great friend, it was her graduate collection and an amazing one I’ve to say.

    Thanks for sharing! take care

  2. Bess Says:

    She looks like Chan Marshall of Cat Power

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