Fall Dance

Grey Magazine

Grey Magazine

From the new issue of Grey, in it’s new size format. This issue may be the most Valentina of the issues yet.
First shoot by the talented Moreno Galata!

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  1. Rebecca Says:

    Oh love it! Those poses are divine!

  2. cheryl Says:

    Beautiful images.

  3. dji Says:

    actually, the shoot is by alessio bolzoni http://www.alessiobolzoni.com/grey-magazine-v/

  4. moreno Says:


  5. Claudi Says:

    These images swill and swing with jubilation. The styling is splendid. Poetic and inspiring. Love them!

  6. meyerise Says:


    […]Scout Holiday » Blog Archive » Fall Dance[…]…

  7. Yoga Says:


    […]Scout Holiday » Blog Archive » Fall Dance[…]…

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