nice knickers

Nylon magazine pretty knickers

Gilly Hicks Sydney pretty knickers

Recently I went on a little field trip to a new store called Gilly Hicks, (owned by A + F, but is nothing like that brand, no ugly logos plastered everywhere) There is amazing stuff there, and it’s all extremely affordable. There are currently very few locations, which are in pretty random areas as they test this line out, but if you can, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s always so hard to find nice undergarments that aren’t super expensive so I stocked up while I was there. Top image from Nylon magazine, not Gilly Hicks.

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  1. dlousskys Says:

    Hullo! I’m French and my name is Sophie. I really like your blog I love the pictures you put on it. It’s really nice! What do you do as an occupation? Do you do sth with art or sth?

  2. nancy Says:

    I thought this was Stella McCartney at first glance….really lovely.

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