APE A.P.C. school Jean Touitou

This is incredible, APC’s Jean Touitou has opened a preschool in Paris called APE that has M/M Paris designing a “visual toolbox” for kids to play with, Jessica Ogden teaching art part-time and cashmere nap-time blankets. Sounds so nice even I want to go there. I love Touitou’s comment on the Aalto chairs and cashmere blankets, that it’s never too early to appreciate quality goods, “Even if you grow up to be an accountant, it’s better to be surrounded by beautiful furniture than by ugly furniture.” Good point haha. story and images from the latest issue of W magazine.

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  1. babas2nd Says:

    any my friends think it’s hard to get their little ones into preschool here in Brooklyn…wow, are they accepting adults?

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