Beautiful Dreamers

Beautiful Dreamers shop Brooklyn New York Marina Burini

Looooove this new little shop! Gotta get back to visit NY soon.
“We wanted to create a destination for all the beautiful things we find,” says Burini, pointing to a twig and plant installation made by Molly Findlay that hangs alongside quirky reads like the 3-D coffee-table book “Phantograms From Nature” by Barry Rothstein. “I would use something really cool on a shoot and then have no use for it and it would be gone,” adds Hughes, who confesses that parting with their one-of-a-kind merchandise is often the hardest part. “Now we can savor and share those special finds with people!” The treehouse-like shop offers everything from Rastafarian wool scarves by Taiana Giefer to Old Field Farm honey and Incense of the West with tepee-shaped burners
story/images/text..via ny times magazine

5 Responses to “Beautiful Dreamers”

  1. Beatrice Valenzuela Says:

    It looks so perfect. I’m so excited April just picked up shoes today for Beautiful Dreamers. Let’s meet half way in NY Cheri!

  2. cheri Says:

    Wonderful! Your shoes are a perfect match. Would love to meet halfway!

  3. keren Says:

    it’s really good! i stumbled into it the other day before that NYT article came out and had a heart attack. it reminds me of maryam nassir zadeh but with a more big sur california 1970s vibe. less gallery, more treehouse. LUV

  4. Dina Says:

    Ah, this is why I need to visit NYC! To discover all these quaint little shops…

    P.S. Thank you for the tweet about your shop – I have been wanting to own one of your bunting necklaces since absolutely forever, so as soon as I save up I think it is finally time for the dream to come true! I was at LFW and there were bunting necklaces by Tatty Devine, but not half as wonderful.


  5. dianne @ icefloe Says:

    whaaaaaaaaaaatttt that dress hat combo is incredibllleee

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