Stay Warm

Scout Holiday Cheri Messerli
Scout Holiday Cheri Messerli

A little winter warmth inspiration.

images from Japanese Vogue, unknown, Vogue, unknown, Autumn de Wilde, unknown, No. 6, Assembly, No. 6

4 Responses to “Stay Warm”

  1. emma Says:

    Little bird form from hot countries, I thought you would leave Paris just because it was too cold during winters…

  2. Crystal Lee Says:

    Cheri, what a wonderful selection of images! I hope you are staying warm in Paris. Will you be home for the holidays?

  3. cheri Says:

    Luckily I like piling on coats and layers. I wish I was heading home for the holidays but staying here saving up for a big trip in the spring. Crystal you need to come visit and put your french skills to good use.
    Will be in England for the holidays are you around Emma?

  4. jo Says:

    yum. looks all very cozy and warm. this seattle weather….what a whirlwind- i needed that warm inspiration- thanks! 🙂

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