Valentine Wildflowers

Tigers to Lilies Lili Cuzor cookbook LA
Tigers to Lilies Lili Cuzor cookbook LA

I’m very excited about Valentine’s day in LA this year, the super talented Lili from Tigers to Lilies is going to be selling Valentine’s Day wildflowers at Cookbook tomorrow. I wish I could be there! Not only are her creations beautiful (she did the flowers for my wedding party, Green Feast at the Ecology Center, and so much more..) but tomorrow she has scouted out pesticide free flowers. Go check it out and pick up a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers for your valentine along with a beautiful Valentine’s Day card made by Lauren from Spencer Studio/The Sphinx and the Milky Way.

Some of Lili’s recent beautiful floral creations above. All photos by Lili.

..and if you are on the East Coast, Saipua also has a pop-up shop in the city here.

Cookbook No.2 Gallery 1551 ECHO PARK BLVD. LOS ANGELES Valentine’s Day 10am-6pm

** some photos of the sale here!

4 Responses to “Valentine Wildflowers”

  1. Julie Says:

    I love flowers, can’t wait for summer and get me some happy colourfull flowers for our house. happy Valentine’s day

  2. cheryl Says:

    The flowers are beautiful. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. lauren Says:


    wow! talk about spreadin’ the love! 😉

    and i can say, from my first hand experience today, Lili is a wild flower genius! she whipped up three of the sweetest, most lovely bunches for me!
    and i adore the photos above… that girl is talented!


    hope you had a happy day of love in paris!

  4. lili Says:


    OMG! i seriously have tears in my eyes writing this. *thank you* for such a lovely post. it means the world to me. seriously, thank you. it is an incredible honor to get a post all to my own on scout holiday. my valentine’s day was made. gros bisous xo* tigrelili

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