Dans l’Atelier de Cécile Daladier

Cécile Daladier ceramics

Cécile Daladier ceramics

Cécile Daladier ceramics

The other night I had the pleasure of visiting the atelier of Cécile Daladier. The space alone is impressive, adding to that we were told it used to be the studio of Alexander Calder at some point while he was in Paris, but what makes it so beautiful and inspiring is the spirit and aesthetic that Cécile has created within it. Her ceramic pots are created to hold very small flowers and plants that she procures from the sidewalks and streets of Paris. Finding those tiny specimens that grow between the cracks of the cities pavements and bringing them back to her amazing award winning garden to give them a place to really grow wild. She is not solely a ceramic artist and botanist, her work spans intuitive piano lessons, she makes incredible tree branch creations (no other words to explain them), her and her husband, Nicolas Soulier who is an architect, have a company called Asaii together, they also have a talented group of kids who I hear all do amazing things, and a very beautiful home which I did not realize was featured in the same book David and I are in.
The opening was a beautiful event, the bread was all homemade, the tiny oyster shaped ceramic dishes were handmade containing the most incredible rice pudding and ice cream, and then there was the biggest table of oysters I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to see more images to come of her work. There is a very unique beauty to what she does and I am so happy to have been able to visit her studio.
Thank you to Clarisse for inviting us!
last 6 images are via her site.

5 Responses to “Dans l’Atelier de Cécile Daladier”

  1. cheryl Says:

    Her ceramics are lovely and so unique.

  2. ally Says:

    this is literally my dream space. i have so many plants stuffed onto my windowsills and sadly i’m out of room. those tiny pots are so sweet and delightful. i love it all.

  3. lili Says:

    i really wish i could have been there. it is such a magical, wonderous space, and i love the collaboration of living plants with the non. so fantastic. i can’t help but think that this is a part of your dreamscape somewhere in your subconscious!

    thanks yo so much for sharing these!


  4. kat Says:

    some really interesting images you have there, they have a a strangely comforting feel to them all would love my home to feel and look like this

  5. ashley Says:

    holy crap, that is definitely the most incredible spread/space i have ever seen. you. are. so. lucky. wow!

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