David Hamilton

David Hamilton

The ultimate photographer of the dreamy photo look, David Hamilton.

4 Responses to “David Hamilton”

  1. young--mind Says:

    I can’t access any of his photography on the net 🙁
    not for free anyway.

  2. Cheri Says:

    me either, i only came across a few images.

  3. Andrea Says:

    Does anyone know what this print of David Hamilton is worth?

  4. elies Says:

    I am lucky to have this poster -its my favourate. I too wish it was possible to have it on internet for free. But it gives me a bit of privacy & shows I have got a nice tastel Its a very romantic picture & I have got 2 stepdaughters & I feel they are like those girls. At least we can see it on the computer & try to paint it ourselves. Enjoy. Thank you Mr Hamilton. Name Hamilton plays important role in my life. Was once in Texas as a vistior from Family Hamilton. My son Oliver now goes to College with name Hamilton. There is a reason for everything. I am from Holland but now live in Leicester. I say this picture looks either French or English. We also have a house in France. So its funny how everything falls into place. & we love bycicles of course.:)

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