feeling fancy

devon aoki junya wantanabe dress fancy


fancy self service magazine pink cape

fancy givenchy louis vuitton

fancy armani sonia rykiel irina lazernau

valentino nylon central saint martins grad couture fancy

rainbow tutu

I wish I had more opportunities to dress up in fancier attire, I have so many dresses that just sit in the closet..wish I could wear them much more often without it being weird, “the way I saw it, the problem wasn’t my outfit, but my context…” -David Sedaris, from his new book When You Are Engulfed in Flames

4 Responses to “feeling fancy”

  1. tig Says:

    Love this post! Always feeling fancy, but it’s true, the context is not always right.

  2. laurakitty Says:

    You should just wear them! I have tons of beautiful dresse and clothes, and I long ago got sick of seeing them just hanging in my closet and decided to wear them everyday. It makes life much more enjoyable to always be surrounded by something beautiful, no matter wear you are.

  3. r Says:

    yes. love this as well!

  4. someone Says:

    beautiful pictures

    who is the model in the first picture? top right in “la grande nuit”

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