Au Japon

Tokyo Cheri Messerli Scout Holiday
Tokyo Cheri Messerli Scout Holiday

I’m Back! We spent an amazing two weeks in Tokyo and came back to a week filled with a ton of work, and there are so many photos to sort through, so I’ve been a little absent for a while.. It’s good to be back, even if I miss Japan so much already and can’t wait to find a way to go back soon. I am filled with inspiration from the people, the culture, the new friends, the amazing places, and incredibly beautiful and thoughtful aesthetic of Japan. There’s so much to share I don’t know where to begin. Here’s a peek at some of the sights around Tokyo to start. More to come!

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  1. 大野母樹子 Says:



  2. Crystal Lee Says:

    Incredible images! I really want to ride around in a swan.

  3. Camila Faria Says:

    I love everything about Japan. Your beautiful pictures make me wanna be there right now.

  4. R A Says:

    Those duck boat things look amazing.

  5. lili Says:

    awwwww sooo good! i already love your pics! can’t wait to hear all about your adventures chére Cheri* xo lili

  6. ashley Says:


  7. emma Says:

    Are you 2 ok? It take some time to come back mentally…

  8. cheri Says:

    yes ; ) we had to get back to work right away but i miss it!

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