Kojiki Girls

Kojiki Girls
Kojiki Girls

So the artists who’s work I loved at Kosmos Lane gallery, and one of whom was doing the “Potato is Future” fortune telling performance, are the Kojiki Girls. These guys so crazy I love it! Here’s a peek at some of their work they have online. I won’t share all the amazing postcard images I picked up out of respect for their work but I really hope these guys get a show in Paris and a book out soon! You can see one of many videos showing them in action here. Also check out the craziness on their respective blogs, Machiko and Pia.

2 Responses to “Kojiki Girls”

  1. Kamila Says:

    They are uber coooool!

  2. ally Says:

    Owowowowowow. Some of these made me laugh, but some are just down right beautiful. Research time…..

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